In-Depth Leadership Assessment

ADW | 360

ADW | Comprehensive Leadership Assessment

Our Comprehensive Leadership Assessment (ADW | CLA) enables organizations and key stakeholders to gain rich, in-depth insight into a Leader’s Competencies.  Our Comprehensive Leadership Assessment is a virtual assessment center that measures an individuals personality, cognitive capacity, overall intelligence, and key success behaviors.

Since 2010, ADW has conducted over 1100 executive assessments on senior leaders across numerous industries.

Leadership Assessment for Today’s Workplace

Leadership today requires authenticity, ability to relate, inspire, and connect with all people along with business acumen and technical savvy.  Effecting meaningful organizational change requires leaders to understanding themselves more deeply in order to create a work context that is equally psychologically safe and committed to excellence. 

Our Comprehensive Leadership Assessment include:

Does the perspective in which your people see themselves align with how their coworkers perceive them?

ADW | 360

ADW | 360 Assessment

Our 360 Assessment enables individuals to gain valuable, data-drive feedback from their leader, circle of peers, direct reports, and others. It provides objective insight into how others are perceiving their work behaviors.

Unlike a performance review, a 360 Assessment offers insight from a wide range of perspectives that can lead to targeted development plans.

A Resource for Growth and Development

Unlike a performance review, which is often directly tied to salary reviews and other high-stakes metrics, a 360 Assessment is best administered outside of the typical review process. It should be used as a tool for personal and professional self-reflection, growth, and change.

Common uses for using a 360 Assessment:

  • Use annually to benchmark development
  • Create individual Development Action Plans based on 360 results
  • Integrate with Comprehensive Leadership Assessment results to identify congruence between internal capacity and perceived work behaviors to determine gaps between capacity and action

Areas of development can be our biggest gifts! When we fully understand and explore ineffective behaviors, we can make conscious choices to change them. Often, this leads to areas of opportunity for previously unexplored personal and professional growth. Understanding how one is perceived is the first step towards identifying unproductive behaviors and making positive, conscious choices.

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