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A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators

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The A Deeper Way Community Support

Many consultants and coaches operate independently. And while there are many benefits to this, it can also be isolating and increase the likelihood of frustration, errors, and burnout. A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators get the best of both worlds: they can maintain their independent practice while being part of a connected, active community.

There is more work to be done in this world than any of us could ever do in multiple lifetimes.

Certified Facilitators bring an attitude of abundance to the community. Supporting each other, referring back and forth, partnering on projects, offering ideas and feedback, and sharing content and resources.

There are four formal opportunities for Certified Facilitators to come together every month.

In addition to the structured opportunities below, many Facilitators connect with one another outside of these calls to continue their conversations and collaboration.

This monthly 90-minute call is focused on the continued education and development of Certified Facilitators. Each month we take this opportunity to teach concepts, drill-down into specific areas of the framework and assessment, facilitate a group/team activity, and provide Certified Facilitators time to engage with them around the content.

With A Deeper Way, there is always more.

Third Thursdays

Third Thursdays provide a space for Certified Facilitators to continue to learn, explore, and practice the ideas and tools of A Deeper Way.

Consultation groups are provided an opportunity for Certified Facilitators to connect around a focused area of interest/activity, share their experiences and perspectives, and gain support from each other in this important work.