Executive Coaching


Our coaching is focused on equipping individuals to develop three core skills essential for lasting success:  Self-Awareness, Others-Awareness, and Intentionality.  We create a safe coaching environment for individuals to explore themselves, their current situation, and develop deeper, more intentional action steps.  Our aim with any coaching engagement is to help the individual realize their fullest potential.

Situational Identity Model Self Awareness
Situational Identity Model Others Awareness
Situational Identity Model Intentionality

What to expect during the first session:

  • Schedule your first session below.  Note that payment is collected at the point of scheduling for your first session only.  For all subsequent sessions, payment is collected after the session.
  • During the first session, we’ll get to know each other a bit, explore what brought you to coaching, discuss goals you might have, and determine together how to most effectively move forward.
  • We’ll decide how often you’d like to meet (this always remains flexible and changeable).
  • We’ll leverage the ADW | Profile + Companion and additional resources as appropriate.
  • The coaching session is your time…

The Situational Identity Model is the scaffolding on which our ADW Coaching framework rests. We utilize the ADW | Profile and Companion as a tool for on-going self-development between coaching sessions. 

When used in conjunction with coaching, it helps individuals find clarity about their experience and a deeper connection to themselves, others, and their work.

  • Understand the elements that impact behavior.
  • Apply levels of self-awareness, others-awareness, and intentionality to specific situations.
  • “Diagnose” how and why they are getting stuck.
  • Identify actionable goals and strategies for unlocking their potential.
  • Typical coaching engagements range between 2-3 sessions to long-term work