ADW | Certification

Take your work to a deeper level.


Certification in A Deeper Way opens a gateway into new and exciting areas of personal and professional fulfillment and development. Certified Facilitators leverage the ADW framework and tools, helping people cultivate a deeper insight into their own personality and identity. They provide the tools through which people can develop psychological safety and a sense of belonging throughout their homes, schools, and workplaces nationwide.

Why Become Certified?

  • Learn to help others cultivate a deeper insight into their own personality and identity, which affects their personal and professional relationships.
  • Deliver more effective, lasting, and profound impact in:
    • Employee engagement initiatives
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Leadership Impact
    • Vocational, Individual, and Couples Counseling
  • Join a community of supportive colleagues.
  • Access tools, content, expertise, and strategies to grow your business.
  • Generate multiple revenue streams.
  • Gain deeper insight into your own personality (listen here) and identity.

Who Gets Certified?

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Learning & Development Professionals
  • Change Management Professionals.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Professionals
  • Counselors & Practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Development Focused Individuals

Experience the A Deeper Way Difference for Yourself

One of the steps in Certification is a highly interactive, virtual seminar that allows you to experience all of the content of a traditional in-person seminar in the comfort of your home, wherever you’re located. Full group time on Zoom is limited to 3 hours a day, and you’ll have the opportunity for additional one-on-one consultations with Dr. Tim and his team throughout the week.

The virtual seminar meets for 5 days, Monday – Friday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and then 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (All times are Central Standard). Time between live sessions may be used by attendees as needed.

Certified Facilitator (Authorized Distributor)
Certified Facilitators Receive
Unparalleled R.O.I.
Marcel Brunel Certified Facilitator

As a Certified Facilitator, you are authorized to re-sell ADW | Profile Professional Series Reports Licenses. After Seminar Week, simply review and activate your ADW | Profile Authorized Distributor Terms and Agreement. No extra work, no extra cost, no limiting territories, no hidden restrictions.

Distribution provides you with long-term renewable income opportunities with any of the organizations you work with now or in the future: you will always own the business relationships you develop. This is just another way that our commitment to your success runs deeper than any other test publisher.

  • Expertise in the A Deeper Way Situational Identity Model
  • Expertise in administering and interpreting the ADW | Profile
  • Access to Certified Series ADW | Profile Reports
  • Access to exclusive monthly continued training and consultation calls
  • Access to exclusive content and resources
  • Permission, training, and resources to be an Authorized Distributor
  • Continued opportunity to grow and develop as a facilitator, coach, and consultant
  • ADW | Profile Desk Reference
  • Supplementary Resource Packet

With Certification in A Deeper Way, you unlock the insight, capabilities, and power of the industry’s most well-known tools. Consider that certification in five of the most widely-used inventories would cost over $10,000. Additionally, the total assessment time would exceed four hours for your client. With the ADW | Profile and ADW Certification, you not only gain more relevant insights, your clients only need to complete one assessment. Saving you thousands in up-front costs.

In addition, only ADW | Certification allows you to partner with the test publisher and share in the revenue from License Distribution.

ADW Certification is a highly personalized process leading you through a series of steps while working with a mentor for a full year.

Click to learn more and start a conversation on how becoming ADW Certified can set you apart, taking your work to a deeper level, enhance your existing practice, and increase your revenue.