Lean into your personality strengths to understand and accept the truth of others.


Truth, Opinions…Clarity

It’s almost always helpful to clarify and as the businessy phrase of the moment says, “level set” so ensure we’re all on the same page.  As Tim wrote about in a previous blog post, “The distinction between The Truth and Your Truth is simple: The Truth refers to observable fact while your Truth refers to your experience of a given situation.”

Curiosity & Empathy

In today’s world, so many are wanting to “get better” at understanding other people’s truth.   The countless value-adds of diversity is well-documented and everyday people and businesses alike are working to embrace and learn from the vast variance of knowledge and lived experiences that exist in people different from ourselves. 

As Tim wrote, two important steps in understanding the experience of others are curiosity and empathy.  These constructs themselves can seem like overwhelming endeavors.  How does one “be curious”?  And what is empathy really about?  For more on this, we’d recommend listening to a Psychology at Work Podcast Episode about Staying Curious.

Leverage Your Personality Strengths

Often though, we forget that we already have within many natural strengths that will help us in our efforts to understand what life is like for others.  At A Deeper Way we define strengths as the effective manifestations of your most prominent personality aspects.  It’s pretty simple really:  what are the effective behaviors that come most naturally to you, that don’t require much thought or effort?  Those are your strengths.  Take the free personality test to find out yours.

We organize strengths into four clusters:  Relating, Vision, Directing, and Doing.  While we might assume that Relating strengths are most relevant to understanding others, and those with many Relating strengths will more naturally be able to understand and accept others – that isn’t necessary true.  

How we leverage our specific strengths – regardless of what cluster they are part of – can hinder or help our capacity to understand others. 

So, it’s not so much what are my strengths, but rather, how am I leveraging my strengths to understand and accept?

Consider the following:

1.  How are you leveraging your strengths (see definition above) in understanding other people’s truth?

2.  How might your most prominent strengths get in the way of understanding and accepting others?

3.  What intentions would you like to set around this?

updated March 21, 2022

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