As we end this month’s focus on shifting from Content to Process, here are some tips for doing just that.  Remember, content is likely the easy part to focus on, or even a spot we likely find ourselves stuck in.  Process is about tapping into your experience on all dimensions of knowing. 

In week 2 of this month Casey talked about being curious about our experience in order to bring yourself to process, here are some questions you might ask yourself in order to prompt yourself back to process:

  • How am I?
  • Intellectually | What am I thinking about?
  • Physically | What am I aware of in my body right now?
  • Emotionally | What emotions am I experiencing?
  • Spiritually | What am I feeling connected to, or disconnected from?

As you practice, recall the Unequivocal Truth: You are a normal person, worthy of love and belonging because you exist.

 Make your next interactions, repairs, and connections about your process – and be sure to let us know how it goes.