ADW Personality Profile

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This free personality test reveals who you really are. Discover deeper insight about your personality, understand how you’re impacted by stress, and find your strengths.

I’ve done all the tests and I always felt like something was missing.  The ADW Profile filled that void, and then some.  It has been so validating to see parts of myself in the report that I hadn’t experienced before.  I now have the language to describe parts of myself that I knew were there and I think this has helped me see others more clearly as well.  I highly recommend this accurate and in-depth personality test!


Larissa Uhlbeg, 44

Understanding more deeply how I’m impacted by stress has been a game changer.  I “knew” these things about myself, but now I really understand it in a way that allows me to live with more intention.  Seeing the differences in my type between a typical day, at my best, and when I’m under stress has been helpful for my team members as well.  I hope every team has the opportunity to use this tool.


Jane Miller, 52

I’ve done StrengthsFinder but always felt there must be more.  The ADW Profile proved that feeling was true!  I now have a much deeper understanding of my strengths, how to truly leverage them, and also when I need to be stretching myself to work beyond my strengths. 


Kenyta J, 32

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