We are rounding out the month with some final tips on how to re-claim your Motivation. You’ll recall Drs. Tim and Casey have discussed the importance of acceptance, connecting to your greater why, and the aspects of yourself that impact your unique motivational styles.

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 So, perhaps your recent ambitions are buried, or you’re having a hard time tackling anything in this moment.  No matter your circumstances, here is a tip for you to regain and reclaim your motivation:

Remember our dimensions of knowing: intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual – let’s focus on the physical and spiritual.

You may be familiar with the Power Pose, this physical stance channels your inner confidence, power, and achievement. Literally standing in this position intentionally for two minutes has an increased impact on how you show up.

So here it is: chest lifted, head held high, arms either up or propped on the hips. Do this – while also tapping into the spiritual dimension for a moment. Reconnect and be in the presence of something bigger than yourself.  Whatever that means for you – meditation, looking into nature, prayer, focusing on your breathing, etc.

Now – after two minutes of your power pose, and reconnecting your soul, answer this question:  What matters?

Now, go do it!