What aspects of our personality interact with our state of motivation?

As was discuss in last week’s post, motivation is a state, not a trait.  Meaning, for all of us humans, our state of motivation fluctuates – it’s not stable or constant.  Additionally, Tim discussed the four elements that impact our motivation:

Acceptance, Clarity, Connection, And Hope

While those four elements are relevant to all of us, we are at the same time unique and idiosyncratic in how we interact with and respond to those four elements.  Some of this is attributed to aspects of our personality.  Let’s consider where to look in your ADW | Profile results to gain some insight: we’d suggest starting with your PsyPlex.

In particular, the Enthusiasm Drive and Expectation Drive Vector (and their respectful sub-aspects) will provide a picture of what you tend to respond to in your environment that inspires you and drives you to act with goal-directed behaviors.  To be sure, it’s not to say you are one or the other, rather you might possess a bit of each, or have a strong inclination toward one.  Whatever it is for you, it is.  Knowing where you are are at on this Vector will help you know how to better arrange your situation, circumstance, and environment for motivated behaviors.