The ADW Difference


We know our program is both unique and effective. But, with so many approaches available to you, (each with very admirable goals), what makes the
ADW | Belonging Initiative different?

Based in Psychological Research

The ADW | Belonging Initiative is deeply rooted in psychological research. The assessments utilized in the ADW | Profile and Situational Identity Model combine multiple facets of personality assessment into one, making it both convenient and highly effective. Based on psychology and a deep understanding of the human experience, the ADW | Belonging Initiative gives organizations the tools and processes to cultivate and measure belonging.

Gets to the Heart of What People Need

Over 8 billion dollars is spent annually on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives — but 75% do not yield the expected outcome. And, among that 75%, 40% lead to a further sense of isolation and exclusion for employees. Why? Most DEI initiatives go only two levels deep into the realm of personal strengths and personality traits. They lack the depth of the ADW | Belonging Initiative. We get to the heart of what people actually need to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging — a sense of psychological safety that makes it okay to be who they are within the group without fear or hesitation.

Exceptional Support

From the moment you become an ADW | Belonging Certified Facilitator, you’ll find exceptional support. Weekly virtual meetings, group gatherings, and ongoing training enable facilitators to continually learn and grow. We are always here to answer your questions and to help you achieve your professional goals as Certified Facilitators.

Certification Business Model

The Certification business model, with Certified Facilitators implementing their own businesses utilizing the ADW | Belonging Initiative materials, means that our Certified Facilitators have the power to

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